Travel Advice

If you are planning to travel abroad at all then it is important that you consider making an appointment to discuss the health implications of your trip.  Many immunisations which you may need for your stay could take several weeks to become fully effective and some require a course over a period of 4 weeks or more.  Similarly most anti-malarial’s need to be started well in advance of your trip.  The sooner you come and see us the better.

Our trained Practice Nurse will advise you on the necessary immunisations and anti-malarial precautions, together with any other tips to make your stay healthy.

This service is provided as an NHS service at present and is therefore at no cost to you, however some immunisations which you may require are chargeable and we do ask for payment in advance, so please bring adequate funds with you.  We can accept payment in cash, card or via PayPal.

Full details on the cost of vaccines are detailed below.

Vaccine Charges From June 2019

Diphtheria Tetanus &
Hepatitis A
Yellow Fever
Details of available clinics/prices given at time of appointment.
Hepatitis B (for travellers)  

£20 per vaccine


Rabies £180.00 (Course of 3)

£60.00 (Single)

Prescription for Malaria Prophylaxis £10.00
A.C.W.Y. (for pilgrim travellers)


£14.00(£50 in total)
Japanese Encephalitis £170.00 (Course of 2)
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Central America Central America india South America
egypt Carribean lithuania Africa
bulgaria Middle East poland Central Asia
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