COVID Vaccine Queries: Information for patients vaccinated abroad or home countries.

Only Covid-19 vaccines administered in England and Wales can currently be shown through the NHS Covid pass for Travel or Domestic Events. Can be accessed via the NHA App or a paper certificate can be requested by calling NHS 119. Please do not call the practice.

The Department for Health and Social Care added that people registered with a GP who were vaccinated overseas could contact their practice to have the vaccines recorded  – but they still could not use the app to demonstrate their vaccine status.

The country that provided the vaccine(s) should provide patients with a digital solution or paper based copy to demonstrate their current vaccination status.  For any patients that have received one dose abroad and one dose in the UK, you should have been provided with evidence from the country that administered the vaccine and the one administered in the UK will be recoded on the NHS App.

Any vaccinations recorded manually at the GP practice will not generate a COVID pass, however you will be able to view these in your medical records.

If you have had the vaccine(s) in the UK and still can’t access your COVID pass then you will need to contact the venue that provided the vaccination.  Your vaccine(s) may not have been recorded correctly.  Please do not contact the practice.